High-Quality indoor and outdoor Plants Supplied by Top Growers

Sunborne maintains excellent plant material by purchasing from many high quality growers in Central California, Southern California, Hawaii, and Florida. In so doing, we are able to select the best plants from the best suppliers at any given time. In addition, we visit our suppliers regularly (once a quarter in some cases) to provide suggestions for improvement, as well as to hand select what we consider to be “the cream of the crop.”

To keep our plants healthy and pest-free, we spray our plants with a dilute solution of horticultural oil and use local and systemic insecticides as needed. Finally, we take the time to examine, with great care, each batch of plant material that arrives at Sunborne. If we determine that the quality is not up to our standards, we do not bring it into our inventory.

We also have a dedicated Quality Control specialist who inspects every order to make sure everything is correct, the quality meets our rigorous quality standards and the plants are clean, disease and bug free.

We can supply the plants labelled with care tags to save garden center and interiorscape customers time and energy. For instance our labels can include the customer name, the technician, the service route, the delivery location, the customer logo, the plant name, the retail price, a SKU, and the recommended lighting and watering requirements for each plant.