Our Team

Eli Goldman -COO


While Eli has a chemical engineering degree and spent 12 years working in Research & Development for a biotech company, he has been “steeped” in tropical plants and plant care all of his life. His transition to Sunborne came in late 2007 as Sunborne sales were on the rise and was eyeing an expansion into new products and markets.  It has turned out to be a natural fit – Dan knows plants, the growers and suppliers and Eli knows spreadsheets, data analysis, and how to manage people. When Eli is not busy at work, he enjoys hitting the trails of Marin on his mountain bike, playing golf, or skiing in Tahoe after a big storm. He is also busy raising his young daughter Hailey with his wife, Amy. In true family business form, he is already mapping our a role for his daughter at Sunborne when she is able to walk and talk.