Sunborne’s Community Outreach Program

Sunborne Nursery is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery located in the Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) neighborhood of San Francisco. Our home market is the San Francisco Bay Area, although we also own 2 semis and deliver every other week to wholesale customers in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

While most businesses are only concerned about maximizing their profits, we believe that is equally important to give back to your community. With that in mind, Sunborne Nursery developed a successful community benefit program for residents of the BVHP community. We have focused our efforts on hiring locally and providing job training and career coaching. In addition, we also support many local BVHP non-profits and community based organizations through direct funding and through fundraising support. Finally, we host a plant sale on the 4th Saturday of every month specifically for residents of the BVHP. Half of the proceeds from the plant sale are either donated to a local organization or deposited into a scholarship fund for a needy student from the BVHP community.

We are proud to say that to date Sunborne has hired 67 people from the BVHP community. One of our early local hires was a young lady name Lonia Hutchon who started as a receptionist and worked her way up to General Manager. She is now our highest paid employee and responsible for our entire operation, including our local hires and workforce development program.

While Lonia was lucky enough to come from a great family with a strong support network, a large percentage of our local hires are young men and women with a highschool education at most and little to no job experience or training. Others have criminal records. Most come from broken families and have direct or indirect experience with violence, drug abuse, and poverty. We do not hold their difficult background or lack of experience or education against, but instead treat them like any other employee. In so doing, we are able to provide direct support and hope for the individual, their family, and their extended community. The impact can be significant.

Along with our local hiring and workforce development program, we work closely with many local BVHP community based organizations like The Bayview YMCA, Young Community Developers, Hunter’s Point Family, and The Bayview Project. We support them with their programs, and in some cases provide donations and direct fundraising assistance. Our latest effort is to offer churches and elementary schools in the BVHP area an opportunity to participate in our monthly plant sale. We then split the proceeds with them. In so doing, the local organizations can raise badly needed funds for their programs and we can expand the reach and impact of our monthly plant sales.