The Sunborne Difference


Quality Plant Material

• We only sell high quality, clean, well-rooted, insect-free plants. We always choose quality over price in making our purchasing decisions.

• As a preventive against gnats, scale, whitefly and mealy bugs, we treat our plant material with a combination of Safari (systemic) and Nemasis (beneficial). The only plants that do not get this treatment are plants from Hawaii that are grown in lava rock, as well as bromeliads, where the extra water can be harmful. In addition, as we prepare your orders for pick up or delivery, we wash all plants with Sunspray, a horticultural oil. Besides washing off pesticide residues and mineral deposits, Sunspray works to smothers spider mites and their eggs. The combination of these products is unsurpassed in providing you with bug free plants.

• We trim and manicure all plants so that they are installation ready when you receive them. This saves you time, labor and money.

• We have a dedicated Quality Control specialist who inspects every order to make sure everything is correct, the quality meets our rigorous quality standards and the plants are clean and disease and bug free.


Customer Service

• We have 6 full-time sales representatives, with an average of 25 years of nursery and interiorscape experience each. Our large sales staff is extremely knowledgeable and available to provide support and advice to our customers Monday through Friday from as early as 7am to as late as 5pm.

• We can supply plants with labels free of charge. The labels can include as much or as little information as needed. For instance our labels can include the customer name, the technician, the service route, the delivery location, the customer logo, the plant name, the retail price, a SKU, and the recommended lighting and watering requirements for each plant.

• We load our trucks at night so we can begin delivering as early as 6am to meet the needs of our customers.

• We have no delivery charges on orders over $400 and do not apply fuel surcharges on deliveries.

• We do not charge a re-stocking fee on returned plants as long as they are in good shape and are returned in a reasonable amount of time.